What is the Best Chromebook to buy in 2022? Perfect Buying Guide

Chromebooks are computers that run Chrome OS. They are cheaper than laptops which is why they have become so popular. What should you look for when buying a Chromebook? what is the best Chromebook to buy? Which Chromebook will be best in 2022? This blog post will help answer these questions and more!

What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs on Google’s Chrome OS as its operating system. What this means is that it will have access to all of Google’s apps in the Chrome Web Store, including Gmail and Drive. What makes Chromebooks better than traditional laptops is their cloud-based storage system which allows them to be used offline as well (Google drive).

Chromebooks were originally designed for students, but since then they’ve gained popularity among other users because of how simple they are to use. When you open up a new Chromebook, there isn’t much setup involved; everything works right out of the box thanks to syncing with your Google account. The simplicity doesn’t end here though; most tasks can also be completed by using keyboard shortcuts (which eliminates the need for mouse input), making it great for people that prefer working on a laptop without a mouse.

If you’re looking for the best Chromebook to buy, then look no further than Samsung’s Chromebook Pro or Asus’ Chromebook Flip.

 Chromebooks vs Windows Laptops  

Windows are great laptops, but Chromebook vs laptop is a big question that arises in the mind of every tech lover. A Chromebook can be your best friend if you have something particular in view. Chromebooks were mainly designed to run Android apps.

Chromebook’s Chrome OS (operating system) was introduced back in 2009 by Google, as an answer for the Microsoft Windows platform. But now Chromebook laptops are catching up with other leading operating systems like Linux Ubuntu etc. because they can also support Linux-based applications such as Skype. The Chromebooks vs Windows laptop debate will never end until you actually own one or both of them and experience its features first-hand.

Which Chromebook should I buy?

Chromebooks are becoming more popular for many reasons. Chromebooks are cheaper than traditional laptops, they have great battery life and the price of Chromebooks is just right if you’re on a budget. However, there are so many Chromebook models out there it can become confusing which one to buy! This blog post will help users determine what’s best when buying a new Chromebook in 2022.

Samsung Chromebook

What do I need my Chromebook for? Which Chromebook should I buy based on my usage? Here are some basic things to consider when deciding what kind of Chromebook you want to purchase:

  • Do you prefer an android or windows experience?
  • How long does your device last without charging (battery)?
  • How big is your screen size?
  • Which Chromebook should I buy based on my usage?

 Do you prefer an android or windows experience? 

If you don’t know whether the Android operating system is right for your device, then use Google’s website that will compare and contrast the two. You can find this comparison tool by clicking here. However, if you’re already familiar with both OS’ and just need a quick recommendation, we’ll help there too! If all else fails though, many users who have used both say they like Android better than Windows so go ahead and choose whatever works best for your needs! For those looking specifically at a new Chromecast in 2022, it’s important to keep in mind that Google has been making a push towards the Chrome OS since 2017.

 How long does your device last without charging (battery)? 

Chromebooks usually have great battery life ranging from six hours all the way up to fourteen! If you’re looking for a Chromebook specifically with super fast charge times, then you can check out the Acer cb515-CW-55sr 15.

 How big is your screen size? 

Choose the right Chromebook for you If your screen size is less than 13 inches, then I would recommend buying a smaller Chromebook. If it’s more than 12 inches, get something bigger! Of course, this depends on what kind of usage you’ll be doing with your chrome book. Do not worry though because there are cheap options too if the price is important to you. This brings me to my next point Which Chromebook should I buy? There are so many brands and models out there so take some time to investigate which laptop will best suit your needs before making that purchase! Try looking up reviews or asking friends who already own one about their experiences using theirs.

Some Common Brands Include:

  • Acer (most affordable)
  • Asus (pretty good value)
  • Samsung (one of the more expensive ones)

 Which Chromebook should I buy based on my usage? 

If you’re just using Google Docs and browsing the web, then any Chromebook will do. The more expensive options are mostly for people who want better screens or faster processors.

If you’re looking for a Chromebook best suited to be used as a laptop replacement, then your options are very limited. The only Chromebook that is really built from the ground up to replace laptops with its form factor and keyboard is Google’s own Pixelbook.

Pros and Cons of the Different Models

The pros and cons of the different models will vary depending on what you want to do with your Chromebook. Which model should I buy if I’m planning on doing a lot of typing? Which model should I buy if I’m planning on watching a lot of videos? Which Chromebook is the best for typing, and which is the best for video streaming? All these questions are easily answered by looking at our list below.

 Key Features of the Best Chromebooks in 2022 

If you’re not sure what kind of Chromebooks will suit your needs most effectively, we’ve gone ahead and outlined some key features that make each machine stand out from its counterparts. We hope this list helps you make an informed decision.

  • Speed
  • Aesthetics
  • Display size and resolution
  • Compatible with Android apps
  • Best keyboards for typing
  • Affordable
  • Great Performance

What are some of your favorite Chromebooks on the market right now?

There are so many Chromebooks out there that it can be hard to know which one is the best for you. What laptop or tablet-style do you prefer? What price range works for your budget? Are there any specific features that would make a device perfect for what you need, like an android app store compatibility or touchscreen support? There are too many options to go over in this article, but hopefully, by reading through some pros and cons of each available Chromebook model on Amazon below, you will have enough information to decide whether purchasing a new Chromebook makes sense at all right now. If not, keep checking back here as we continue to update our post with more product reviews!

The Best Chromebooks for every Budget

The very first thing you should do is determine what your budget is, the sky’s the limit with Chromebook prices, but if you know how much money you can spend on a device then that will help narrow down which models are worth considering.

Asus Chromebook

The two most expensive options on this list of the best Chromebooks cost $800 and $1000; these devices aren’t necessarily better than all of the other laptops listed here (in fact some of them are quite bad), but they offer unique features like Core I processors or more RAM than any other laptop in its price range. These high-end machines also come equipped with enough storage to handle many tasks, unlike some cheaper devices whose only option for file storage is a paltry 32GB of eMMC storage.

These are the best Chromebooks for every budget: The most affordable devices on this list range from $200 to about $400, while there are some more expensive options at nearly twice that price point. The cheapest models have an Intel Celeron processor inside and either four or two gigabytes of RAM; they also offer 16-32 GB of storage space depending on your preference. These laptops can handle standard web tasks very well, including watching video streaming services like Netflix in HD but may struggle with processing power if you try to do too many things at once (meaning opening multiple tabs) or perform any graphically intense process such as playing games.


The Asus C302CA is definitely the best Chromebook you can buy today. With its amazing screen and keyboard, not to mention its convertible design which makes what is the best Chromebook to buy feel like a tablet when in laptop mode; this Google Pixelbook alternative has everything you need for your daily digital needs. You will never miss out on what’s new in the world of technology.

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