What is Google Apps 2022? List of Google Apps Along with Introduction

What is Google Apps? Google Apps is a powerful suite of online tools – 100% web – for messaging and collaboration that meet the fundamental needs of the company, increase productivity and reduce costs, all these tools are hosted in Google’s high security and availability infrastructure, no hardware or software is required and only minimal administration is required, this can save a lot of time and reduce costs for your business.

Google Apps enable secure, real-time collaboration between workgroups of any size. With hosted documents (word processing documents, spreadsheets, and presentations), web-based video access, and easy site creation tools, information is available from any browser or smartphone, whenever and wherever workers need it. SAML-based Single Sign-On (SSO) services seamlessly integrate with existing authentication and security systems. Google Apps brings safe and easy productivity to any workgroup without the need to add additional hardware or software.

“In a 100% web world, business applications are delivered over the internet and accessed through the browser.” Dave Girouard, President, Google Enterprise

Google Apps for Business offers the following benefits:

The main differences between Chromebook Vs laptop computers are.
  • Support via email and telephone 24/7 direct with Google
  • Proven cost savings.
  • 9% availability guarantee with synchronous replication.
  • 50 times more email storage than the industry average. No need to delete emails as there is 30 GB of email storage for each employee.
  • Interoperability with Microsoft Outlook and BlackBerry.
  • Access to IM, calendar, and email applications from cell phones.
  • Industry-leading security.
  • Full administrative and data control.
  • Helpful support options.

Google Apps offers the following products:

The main differences between Chromebook Vs laptop computers are.
  • Gmail for business
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google drive
  • Google Sites
  • Google Apps Vault
And many more apps accounts can now access numerous Google services that were once only available with personal Google accounts.

 Gmail for Business 

gmail for business

With Gmail, you take care of the operation of your company, and not of your email server.
Gmail for business offers a storage capacity of 25 GB per user, a powerful anti-spam and anti-virus filter, multi-device access, and 99.9% availability.

Email, instant messaging, video, and voice chat.
Storage capacity is 50 times greater than the market average (25GB).

Secure access to email from any device, anywhere, anytime.
Gmail for companies is a 100% web tool so you can work from your office computer, at home, on the go, through your mobile device, and even offline.

Synchronization with best Chromebook 2022, Notebook, MacBook, laptop, and mobile devices like Android, I-phone, BlackBerry.
Take advantage of Google Apps the most popular mobile platform.

Powerful search from your inbox
Don’t waste time searching for emails. Gmail for Business has a powerful Google search, which allows you to find the message you are looking for very quickly.

Group messages into conversations, keeping the context of the responses.
Thanks to the Gmail conversations function you can keep track of all the emails you have had about this topic.

Use of labels instead of folders
This is an advantage over the traditional mail systems that you use on your PC since it is not necessary to duplicate the mail to have it organized in several folders, with this functionality you define in which labels you want to find the mail without the need to duplicate them.

Less Spam Gmail’s
powerful spam filter helps you focus on the messages that really matter.

 Google Calendar 

google calendar

Google Calendar makes it easy to schedule meetings, appointments, classes, or any event at a specific time. Any type of event can be entered into the calendar; a conference, a 2-hours meeting, the company lunch. Furthermore, you can add all these events and even overlap one with another.

With Google Calendar, you can share your calendar with your co-workers, which creates a collaborative environment. With this feature, it is easier to schedule meetings and appointments between colleagues.

You can consult it and synchronize it with your mobile device, it is like always having your agenda at hand.

 Google Docs 

gmail for business

Secure access to your documents anytime, anywhere
With Google Docs you can create, edit, and view text documents, spreadsheets, and even create animated presentations, all from the browser on every type of best rated chromebook. It allows you to work and collaborate in the cloud, with files always available and easy to find through a simple search, regardless of whether you are in your office, traveling, at home, with access from your cell phone or from your tablet, even if you are not connected.

Google Docs: 

It is compatible with the most common formats such as .doc, .xls, ppt, pdf among others.

Collaborative Support: 

Google Docs allows the user to invite other users to work on the same document, at the same time, without all the inconvenience of attaching and sending documents. Sharing privileges ensure access by only authorized people to read or edit permission.

‘AutoSave’ and ‘History revision’:

Continuous automatic saving ensures that current work is kept up-to-date and safe. History allows you to review, compare, or go back to an older version of the document.

Shared collections:

Files and documents that are used regularly by teams or groups are kept organized and updated, without the need to manage or communicate changes.

 Google Drive 

Google drive

Google Drive is like your own repository of files and folders that goes with you wherever you go. In it, you can save and share everything you want. With Google Drive, you can access files, folders, and Google Docs documents from a web browser or from any device on which you have installed Google Drive.

Google Drive is in the cloud, but you can also install the applications for desktops and mobiles in order to access your files from your computer, smartphone, tablet, or from any other mobile device with Android or iOS. In addition, you have a web interface at drive.google.com. Google Drive’s built-in sync feature ensures that Google Docs files, folders, and documents are identical on all your devices.

 Google Sites 

G vault

Google Sites is an online application that allows you to create and edit a web page as easily as if you were creating a document. With Google Sites, people have access to a wide variety of information in one place – calendars, videos, presentations, text, etc. and they can easily share it and define the permissions of who can see and/or edit. You always have control over who has access to your site.

Some of the things you can do on Google Sites are:

The main differences between Chromebook Vs laptop computers are.
  • Customize your site.
  • Create pages to keep your site organized.
  • Add navigation menus.
  • Choose between different page formats.
  • Keep your site as public or private as you choose.
  • Search for content on your site using Google search technology.


 Google Apps Vault 

g suit

Currently, more than 190 million people use Google Drive, not only at work but also at school and at home. A drive is a tool that gives you the security of being able to access all your information from anywhere and regardless of the device you use, it allows you to create documents to share with your work team, collaborating all at the same time and avoiding the creation of different versions.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014, Google announced at its Google I/O event ” Google Drive for Work “, a premium offer for companies that includes unlimited storage, advanced audit reports, new security controls, and online editing of Office files. for 120 USD / user / year.

 Greater control and visibility 

  • New administration controls. Granular controls allow you to customize the Drive experience, for example defining which users can and cannot install the Google Drive sync program on their computers.
  • Advanced file audit reporting. With the new audit view, administrators can review important user activities in Drive such as moving, deleting, or sharing a file within or outside the organization. Additionally, an auditing API for developers will be available soon.
  • Service to preserve, archive, and search. Google Apps Vault, is included with Drive for Work, expanding it to cover all the information stored in Drive, including Docs, spreadsheets, and presentations, as well as any other type of file.

policies Define the retention policies that will be automatically applied to your email and chat messages.

Email and Chat Archiving Your chat and email
messages are archived and preserved according to your guidelines. This prevents files from being accidentally deleted.

A series of powerful search tools will help you find and retrieve relevant email and chat messages. This way you will always be prepared in case of regulatory compliance audits and litigation.

Withholdings for legal reasons
Applies to users, when necessary, withholdings of materials due to litigation. Email and chat messages cannot be deleted if they are on hold.

Exports email or chat messages to standard formats for further processing and review.

Run reports on activity and actions on the file by users. Searches, message displays, exports, and more are displayed.

Control of information
Google Apps Vault allows you to reduce the risk and costs associated with compliance audits and litigation For best chromebooks like ASUS, Google Pixelbook and other computer accessories.

Centralized functions for archiving and managing content
Email and chat messages are stored in a single file, where data is directly managed. Information control policies apply directly to storage, so there is no need to duplicate data in a separate file. This helps reduce the risks associated with the movement and spillage of information. A robust audit trail provides complete visibility of the entire file.

Business document
Retention Email and chat retention policies allow companies to define standard retention policies for Gmail and chat messages. When the retention period for a message expires, a disposition is automated to ensure retention policies are followed. The automated process ensures that no information subject to legal hold due to litigation is deleted and reduces the risk of spillage and regulatory violations. The message holds to ensure that email and chat messages can be kept longer than the standard retention period established for legal or investigative reasons.

Find relevant documents
e-Discovery tools allow authorized users to search the archive for relevant information on a specific topic or research. Google’s search algorithms can search the entire domain through large amounts of emails and find results quickly. Once in the search results, authorized users can define and manage groups of message search results and collaborate with others to manage them. The message can be exported from the archive for further review and processing.


What difference would my business email have with the personal one?

The main differences between Chromebook Vs laptop computers are.
  • Gmail for business offers storage capacity 50 times greater than the market average (30GB) per user
  • It has a powerful antispam and antivirus filter, access from various devices, and availability of 99.9%
  • It has security and business controls that you do not have in your personal email
  • Give your company a better image by personalizing your email with a domain name (@ yourcompany.com


What is the difference between Google Apps for Work and Google Apps Unlimited?

Google Apps for Work Google Apps Unlimited
Storage quota 30 GB Unlimited
Advanced audit and alerts NO Yes
e-Discovery NO Yes
Archiving NO Yes
(Google Vault) NO Yes
Advanced controls NO Yes
Email Retention NO YES (with Google Vault included)

 What do I need to implement Google Apps? 

  1. Confirmation of the domain name in which the mail accounts will be implemented
  2. Access to the control panel of your hosting where changes can be made to the DNS records (MX Records, Cname Records, TXT Records)
  3. Company logo in a size of at least 500 x 500 pixels, .png, .ai, .eps or .pdf format only
  4. File in. CSV format that contains the data of the accounts to be implemented, including email aliases, distribution lists/groups, distributed in four columns as follows: Name, Surname, Email address, and Password (With at least 8 characters of length). This can be generated in MS Excel

* Also, it is necessary to consult with your current provider the following:

– If you have direct access to the DNS admin panel of your domain or otherwise:

– What is the response time for DNS modification requests for your domain

– If possible reduce the time of current MX records (TTL)

NOTE: If you have doubts about the technical terms mentioned above, we will help you.

 What do I need to implement Google Apps? 

Is it difficult to use Google Apps?

The practice is your best ally, but if you already use Gmail as your personal email, you’re good to go!

 Is Google Apps compatible with Microsoft products? 

Google Docs supports the Microsoft Office file formats and many other standards, such as PDF, OpenOffice, and ODF. Google Drive also supports the import of virtually any type of file for storage. The ever-increasing number of web applications available to connect to Google Drive, open, edit, and export these files, provides enormous flexibility for all users.

 Why is Google Apps safe? 

Google operates on one of the largest distributed data center networks in the world and works hard to protect the information and intellectual property on these servers. These facilities are protected at all times and have a specialized security operations team whose only job is to keep the environment safe. The controls, processes, and policies that protect this data have successfully passed a SAS 70 Type II audit. Google has a full-time computer security team, made up of some of the world’s leading experts in information, application, and network protection. This team is responsible for the perimeter defense systems of the facilities, security review processes, and custom security infrastructure, as well as the development, documentation, and implementation of Google security policies and policies. Google applications undergo multiple security reviews as part of the Secure Code development process. The application development environment is completely restricted and carefully monitored to maximize security. Regular external audits are also carried out to provide added security. Google Apps data is divided and hidden among multiple servers and hard drives, preventing it from being read. In addition, data is replicated across multiple data centers to make it redundant and always available. To reduce the risks of exploitation,

 Who is the owner of the Google Docs data? 

Your company retains the copyright and any other rights that exist on the content that is sent, published, or displayed. As Google has established in the terms of service, it does not claim ownership or control of the content that is developed in Google Docs or in any other service on the platform. When you choose to expressly share documents with other people, Google has the appropriate license to display those documents to selected users and format them appropriately for different views.

 Does Google Apps work without an internet connection? 

With Gmail offline, users can access their mail and compose new messages even if they don’t have an Internet connection, or if the connection is slow or unstable. When you reconnect to the network, Gmail automatically sends all outgoing messages, with a maximum information synchronization period of 30 days. You can also view and edit Drive files, Documents, Spreadsheets, and Presentations when you do not have an Internet connection, on any mobile device (cell phone, tablet, etc.) or desktop (Mac / PC). Both Google Docs and Gmail offline are offered as free applications.

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