What Is A Chromebook : Must Read Detail Guide Before Buy Chromebook 2022

To fulfill our digital needs, we all should know what is a Chromebook. Chromebooks are innovative, alternative though compatible with window-based laptops. Chromebooks run Chrome OS. It is the Operating system designed by Google. Additionally, this operating system gives access to all Google apps. The Chromebooks also do browsing stuff efficiently. Chromebooks were introduced in the market in 2011. With the passage of time latest updates are added to every latest Chromebook.

Difference Between Laptops And Chromebooks?

difference between laptops and Chromebooks?

So many people consider laptops and Chromebook is the same thing. But that is totally wrong. For staying in touch with this world it is essential to know what is a Chromebook. Chromebook and laptop are two different things. The distinct difference between them is that Chromebook runs on Chrome OS, and laptop supports windows. Another important difference is that Chromebooks usually have a wide display with lightweight as compared to laptops. Chromebooks can do browsing tasks more snappy and efficiently as compared to laptops. The main difference between Chromebooks and laptops is that Chromebook gives you access to all the Google apps and does not support windows apps. On the other hand, a laptop gives you access to all Google apps, and you can also use Windows apps on it as well.

 What is a Chromebook Good For? 

Chromebook also supports android apps, but laptops can not run android apps. Chromebooks do not support software, but laptops can use the software. Additionally, all the apps or files you download in Chromebook come from the Google play store or from browsing, but on laptops, you can easily install it from CDs or from other devices as well. Chromebooks are very easy to install and use. You just simply login into your Google account, and that’s it. Setting up a laptop is a difficult task you have to pass from the very complex step of installing windows, drivers, and much other stuff like these.

Amazing Chromebook Laptop Features

chromebook laptop feature

Easy to upgrade:

Chromebooks are easy to upgrade. In this era, life is so complicated. Make it easy with Chromebooks. You do not need to install windows or drivers for setting it up. You just need to login into your Google account.

Battery life:

Chromebooks have an average battery life of up to 11 hours. You can work, play, or watch movies during this time. It means you have to Charge it only once a day and then use them consecutively with best chromebook charger like sumsung chromebook charger if you have chromebook of samsung brand.

Offline access:

Chromebooks give you access to your files even when there is no internet. All your files are stored in Google Drive. You can have access to them by setting them in offline mode also.


Mostly Chromebooks offer touch screens. This touchscreen works efficiently with an only gentle touch. So you can swipe up and down and play games very easily.


Chromebooks offer strong connectivity. This feature keeps you connected with Wi-Fi. You can enjoy online gaming, browsing work without the problem of disconnecting again and again. Additionally, Bluetooth also shows the best performance.

Support Microsoft office:

 All Chromebooks allow you to use Microsoft Office. You can easily work on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, and Powerpoint as well. You can use Chromebooks for business work or use them as college Chromebooks. You can can buy lenovo chromebook tablet for work that support MS office


Chromebooks mostly have a wide display. Additionally, it also offers HD graphics. The latest Chromebook anti-glare feature makes Chromebooks more productive.


Chromebooks have safely back-up for files in Google drive. In case if you delete some important doc mistakenly, you need not worry. You can simply restore it from Drive.


Chromebooks are updated with an Intel Core processor, which is the reason behind the efficient working of Chromebooks. Some Chromebooks have more than one processor.


mostly Chromebooks have 16GB RAM and 64GB eMMC built-in storage. Storage capacity varies in every Chromebook.

Chromebooks apps:

Chromebooks can run all the Android apps. So you can install apps regarding your needs from the Google play store.

Additionally, there are so many pre-installed apps in the Chromebook. A list of these apps are given below:

Google drive:

This app is used to store your data online. The data you store in google drive would not occupy space in the built-in storage.

Microsoft Word:

Due to this pre-install app, you can do your assignments. Make records or notes or your important stuff.


Google sheets work the same as Excel. You can do complex calculations, analyze, and sort data easily. Additionally, you can also make formulas on it. This app is very effective for business work.


You can make slides of presentations with this Powerpoint built-in apps. You can make formal and informal presentations on it. This app is effective for both students or working people.

Google notes:

For making notes, there is a built-in feature of making notes. These notes are directly stored in Google Drive, so you can share it with anyone.

Google play music:

For your recreation, there is a built-in feature of Google play music. You can make a playlist of your favorite songs and listen to them in your free time.


This app is used for video calling and chatting with your friends.


This app is used for convenient Emailing.

What Are Chromebook Advantages

advantages of chromebook

The chromebooks are coming with latest feature so you can not imagine that what chromebook can do. these make the work speedy to save much of time so we recommended the chromebook laptop in  chromebook vs windows because these are fast than other devices.


Chromebooks work very speedily. It only takes a few minutes to start. It also works efficiently while working on various tabs. This feature enables Chromebook for snappy performance.


The operating system of Chromebooks is very efficient and steady. It also shows stable performance due to this feature. Your device boots up so quickly.

Battery life:

The battery life of Chromebooks is long-lasting. You can use them in between 9 to 12 hours. If you compare it with Windows laptops, Chromebooks have a strong battery life.

Built-in virus protection:

Chromebooks are equipped with built-in virus protection. Additionally, it also helps to update Chromebooks automatically. So by using Chromebooks, you can also save your time and use them for a long time.


Chromebooks have very lightweight, between 2 to 3 pounds—additionally, these scheme with very handy and graspable design. So you can take it with you anywhere.


So This is guide for you and i hope you  that it will help you to what chromebook should i buy. Because you must ensure all thing about chromebook  before buy any chromebook laptop that are perfect for your work.

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