Powerwash Chromebook: How to Wipe a Chromebook in 2022 [Full Guide]

In this blog post, we will discuss the powerwash Chromebook and how to do it. We’ll also go over a few steps you should take before performing the powerwash so that your Chromebook can be restored to its original state. A Chromebook’s hard drive is partitioned into two volumes: one for the operating system and other software (called C:), and one for user data (called D:). When you perform a Powerwash, all of your user data on volume D: will be deleted.

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Chromebook Powerwash vs Reset

If you decide to use a Powerwash, make sure the Chrome OS file system has been backed up or that it can be re-downloaded from Google Drive if needed. If any files are missing after restoring Chromebooks to factory settings, they will need to be recovered using an online backup service like IDrive cloud storage.


If you have a Chromebook then there are two ways to reset it. The first is called Powerwash, which wipes the laptop clean and reverts back to factory defaults. This can be done on all Chromebooks at any time by pressing “ESC + Refresh + Power” then selecting “Powerwash”.


A Chromebook reset that can be done by pressing “ESC + Refresh + Power” and selecting either “Powerwash” or “Factory Reset”. This will restore your computer to its original settings but keep all of your files intact. If you are looking for this option, make sure Powerwash Chromebook is not selected.

Powerwash a Chromebook: Things to check first

If your Chromebook is acting up or you want to wipe it clean, don’t bother with the factory reset settings. Powerwashing your device will make sure everything goes back to how it was when you first bought it.

  • Before power, washing makes sure all of your data and information is backed up somewhere else (ie external hard drive) that isn’t on your Chromebook.
  • This process will delete everything! If you need anything off of your Chromebook go do this beforehand.
  • Make sure everything has been updated prior to doing a powerwash; if there are updates available for apps they should be done right away while going through these steps

Note: All saved passwords, webpages, etc will be gone after completing the powerwash.

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Factory Reset Chromebook Without Password

Factory reset Chromebook without password Factory resetting a Chromebook will remove all user accounts and their associated data. If you need to Factory Reset your Chromebook without the password, follow these steps:

  • Enabling Developer Mode on your device
  • Write “crosh” in the browser address bar
  • Visit chrome://imageburner*
  • Factory reset your Chromebook

When should I powerwash my Chromebook?

When you turn on your Chromebook and see a message that says: “Your device will be wiped”, do not panic. if this happens it means that there is some major problem with the operating system or software of your computer and needs to be fixed ASAP. At times like these, the quickest solution is to powerwash (also known as a factory reset) the device.

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Powerwash older Chromebooks

If you want to powerwash a more recent Chromebook, make sure it is fully charged and connected to WiFi. Powerwashing will remove all local data including any apps or extensions that are installed on it as well as other settings such as history and bookmarks. The process can take quite a while, so be patient!

Powerwashed older Chromebooks can result in better performance and longer battery life.

Powerwash new Chromebooks

Powerwashing new Chromebooks is a good idea before you give them to students.

Powerwash or Power Clean?

Power washing removes all data from your device, which makes it the best choice if you are passing along used student devices for use by another class.

Power cleaning only removes the data on a student’s account, which makes it better if you are recycling or donating to a school that is going to re-purpose used Chromebooks.

Before you Powerwash your Chromebook, there are a few things to check first.

Be sure that it is not set for Google sign-in and no other accounts have been added since the Powerwashing process began. If so, Powerwash will fail and require starting over again with a new Powerwash file on another machine or USB drive.

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