How To Use Chromebook in 2022: Step By Step Guide with Tips & Tricks

A Chromebook is a laptop that runs ChromeOS. It’s different from other laptops because it only allows you to install apps from the Chrome Web Store, and uses an operating system designed for web browsing. what is a Chromebook and how to use Chromebook? What does it mean to “live in the cloud”? How can I get my work done on one? This blog post will answer all of these questions and more! Let’s jump right in.

Set up your Chromebook in 2022

Set up your Chromebook as you would any other computer, by inserting the power supply into a wall outlet and then connecting it to your device. You can also purchase an optional battery that allows you to use your laptop without being plugged in. If available, sign onto a Wi-Fi network on which you have previously logged in with your account password.

If you have purchased a Google WiFi device, plug the power supply into the wall and connect it to your router via an Ethernet cable. If you are using another type of connection, skip this step.

14 Things To Know Before Mastering The Chromebook

If you want to be a Chromebook master, then these 14 points will come in handy and you’ll be able to utilize every aspect of your device with ease.

  1. Managing apps and windows.
  2. Improving your text input.
  3. Get to know ChromeOS.
  4. Know your keyboard and touchpad.
  5. Enable offline functionality.
  6. Get to know the extras.
  7. Set up your shelf.
  8. Use Linux apps.
  9. Smartphone unlock.
  10. Personalize your desktop background.
  11. Modify Google Sync.
  12. Use Android Apps.
  13. Customize the search key.
  14. Organize your apps for easy access.

1- Managing apps and windows

You can have multiple windows open at the same time. Each window has its own set of tabs for apps, so you can easily switch between windows by clicking on a tab or pressing “Ctrl” and “Shift” together to go forward or backward through your history. One thing that may be confusing is how these windows are organized. The stacking order of windows is important if you want to know which window will appear on top when a new app with a new window gets opened.

2- Improving your text input

Chromebook for your schoolwork Improving the way, you input text into a Chromebook while working on homework is important to get better at using one. One of the best ways to do this is to add another keyboard such as Swiftkey Flow, Swype, or Google Keyboard so that when typing words they automatically become links and can help with other activities like resizing images.

3- Get to know ChromeOS

Chromebooks run on ChromeOS, a Google operating system. The OS has been built from the ground up for cloud computing and is very efficient when it comes to providing an online experience that works well offline too. It’s fast and simple in design which means you can get things done quickly without any distractions or interruptions. You can use Chromebooks to do anything you would normally need a PC or Mac for. Get online and access your photos, videos, music.

4- Know your Keyboard and Touchpad

The Chromebook laptops are known for their simplicity, affordability, and features. How to use the Chromebook keyboard is pretty simple as there is no need for any specific knowledge. You can control your Chromebook using the keyboard and touchpad of the laptop.

5- Enable offline functionality

Enable offline functionality is possible by enabling the following Chrome flags. The flag names are in bold, and each has a long explanation of what it does just below where you can find them. You can enable or disable these features using the instructions found at the bottom.

Enable Offline Cache Mode: Enabling this option allows the Chromebook to download a certain amount of data so that you can use web apps without an active internet connection. You will need some space on your local storage for it to work properly, but once enabled even if there is no WiFi access nearby all items in your offline cache will be available.

6- Get to Know the Extras

Get familiar with your Chromebook’s keyboard shortcuts. Use them not only when you are in a hurry, but also for power users who want to speed up their work even more.

Get around with Chrome OS shortcuts:

  • All the key combinations and their functions will depend on your Chromebook model, but you can find a list of the most common ones here.
  • Use keyboard combination Ctrl+Alt+? to switch between active windows. This is especially useful when there are many open tabs in several browser windows.

If you want to know more about shortcut keys then read out the blog post Chromebook Hacks.

7- Set up your shelf

In order to use a Chromebook, you have to set up your shelf. The first step of this process is getting the Google Chrome browser on your computer and signing in with a Google account. Afterward, connect the power cord into an outlet for charging and then open up the laptop by pressing down on it until it clicks. Once opened, you will be prompted to sign in with your Google account which you should already have if you followed the previous step. Set up a secure password and then click “next” or press enter on the keyboard. Afterward, go through a few more prompts until the Chromebook is fully set up.

8- Use Linux apps

Apps are now available on Chrome OS. Use Linux apps with Chromebooks to your full potential, they are compatible with the most popular applications like Microsoft Office Suite and Adobe Photoshop. You can download any app from Google Play Store or use it in a web version which allows you to install an extension for Chrome Browser.

To download a Linux app you need to open the Chrome OS menu and go to Settings, Advanced settings. In the Connected Devices section, find the Linux (Beta) section and click on “+ Add to shelf”.

9- Smartphone unlock

The Smartphone unlock is an excellent feature that lets you take your Chromebook experience to another level. If you have a smartphone, such as Samsung Galaxy S or any other Android device, and it’s already paired with the Google account on the machine then probably this will be great for you! What we do here is just go through a few steps in order to have Smartphone unlock feature on your Chromebook.

The first step is very simple, you just need to turn the Smart Lock on by going to the Smart Lock settings on your phone. Once you do that, open up the Chromebook and follow these steps:

  • Click “Add” to sign in with your Google account.
  • Click Smart Unlock, then choose the phone that you want to pair.
  • You will be prompted on your Smartphone to confirm the pairing.
  • Now you can open your Chromebook and go through a couple of steps in order to allow Smartphone unlock on your Chromebook.

Once these steps are done, you will be able to open Smartphone unlock on the bottom right corner of your screen and choose Smart Unlock settings. This is where you will be able to control Smartphone unlock options.

10- Personalize your desktop background

Personalizing your desktop background will make you feel more at home in the Chrome OS environment.

To Personalize the Desktop Background:

  • Click on the Settings icon in Launcher
  • Scroll down to Personal Stuff and click Personalize Your Chromebook for this session. This will allow you to set a different wallpaper every time that computer is restarted or logged out of.
  • Personalize your Chromebook by clicking on the box under Background image and selecting a picture or photo from your files, Google+, Facebook, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums, or YouTube.
  • Personalizing can also be done by uploading images directly to Chrome OS via the Files app in the Chrome Browser’s menu bar.

11- Modify Google Sync

Modifying Google Sync helps in keeping your bookmarks, photos, and other data across all the devices you use. Modify it to access passwords saved on the Chrome browser. Modify Google Sync using the steps given below:

  • Step-01

Open your Chrome Browser on any device you use, then open the Google Dashboard page.

  • Step-02

Here you can see all your synced data and on that click the “Google Dashboard” link.

  • Step-03

It opens a new page, where you can find Modify option on the left side of your screen.

  • Step-04

Click Modify option, then you will be redirected to a new page where there is Modify Sync Settings section.

  • Step-05

From this Modify Sync Setting section, you can easily choose which data you want to sync on the device.

12- Use Android Apps

One of the best things about Chromebook is that it has full compatibility with Android apps. Use your favorite android app to take notes, send messages and do much more!

Use the Google Play Store app to access, download and install android apps on your Chromebook. Use a Bluetooth keyboard or mouse for an optimal experience.

13- Customize the Search Key

Customize the search key Customizing the Chrome OS Search Key is easy. Just go to Settings and type in “search” or press Ctrl+Shift+F and search for “search settings”. Then, Customize the search key.

In the “Search Settings” window select On-device shortcuts and add a shortcut name for your desired function.

These are some Customize the search key shortcuts I use:

  • Open Gmail.
  • Search calculator (comes in handy when you need to convert currency or measure conversions).
  • Custom search engine for the current site I’m on. This is a great tip if you want to use this tutorial on a Custom search engine for the current site I’m on.

14- Organize your Apps for Easy Access

Organizing your Chromebook apps on the taskbar is easy. Drag and drop to rearrange them in any order you like. Organizing your apps for quick access isn’t just useful, it can also help keep life organized so you always know where they are when you need them.

Organize files quickly with shortcuts A few of our most popular apps also have shortcuts pinned to your taskbar. Organizing files on a Chromebook is helpful when you want to quickly open, edit or create files.

Tips For Using Chromebook

When you’re setting up a Chromebook for the first time, it’s important to know that there are no “apps” in Chrome OS. Everything is done in the browser.

There are, however, some Chrome web apps that can be downloaded and used on your Chromebook. When you download a Chrome app, it can be used offline as well.

Steps to connect your Chromebook:

The main differences between Chromebook Vs laptop computers are.
  • gin the charger and turn on your Chromebook.
  • Plugin the charger and turn on your Chromebook.
  • Press the Power button in the lower corner of your screen to turn on your computer
  • Your device will say “Hello” and ask you to give it some time while it restarts.
  • When your Chromebook boots up, sign in with the Google account(s) you want to use with your device.
  • If you have not yet set up a Google account, tap the “Switch person” link.
  • Enter your password.
  • Your Chromebook will now open to the sign-in page, where you can enter a new Google account or create a new account.
  • Once you have entered your password, press “Enter.”
  • Keep in mind that any other accounts on this Chromebook will be removed.
  • Once you have successfully logged in, your Chromebook’s desktop is ready for use!

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