How to Take a Picture on a Chromebook in 2022: [Simple Guide]

How do I take a picture on my Chromebook? That’s a question that many people ask themselves. There are two ways to do it: the default camera app and third-party apps! The default camera app is how most people take pictures, but third-party apps offer more features like filters and editing options. In this article, we will explore how to use both types of cameras and how each one can be used for different purposes. We will also cover how to take pictures of your screen!

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How do I take a photo?

Taking a photo on your Chromebook is as simple as opening up the camera app. First, make sure you have an internet connection and open any Chromebook compatible browser window to begin writing or editing a document. Once that’s done, move over to one of the pinned apps in the top left corner and choose ‘ photos ‘. Alternatively, click on the ‘ apps ‘ button in the top right corner of your browser window, then scroll down until you see photos.

The first time you open up the camera app it will ask for permission to use your webcam and microphone so that you have sound when recording video with your Chromebook’s built-in high definition (HD) 720p front-facing camera. This is how you make sure that when your Chromebook records video it has sound, which can be especially helpful for creating YouTube videos.

Use the Default Camera App

For taking an occasional picture, you should use the default camera app. It is built into every Chromebook and it can be opened by clicking on the shortcut in your apps menu or simply typing ‘Take a picture’ into the search bar.

  • The default camera app opens up with the camera facing you, so you can see how your picture is coming out. It supports both front and back-facing cameras.
  • The default app has a timer built into it that allows users to take self-portraits or group pictures without any difficulty! Just enter how many seconds you want to elapse before the photo is taken and you’re good to go.
  • The default camera app also allows for editing pictures and saving them in different ways! You can change how the photo is cropped, adjust brightness and color levels with ease, or even add a filter like ‘vintage’ if that’s what you prefer.
  • For example: If you wanted to take a picture of how you look right now, opening the default app would be ideal. You could use it to quickly take a selfie or group photo with your friends!

Use Third-Party Apps

Sometimes, however, you might need something beyond what the default camera offers and for those moments we recommend looking into third-party apps. These apps are also built-in so there’s no need to download anything extra.

You can find these apps by opening the Chrome Store and searching for ‘camera’. Alternatively, you could click here: Chromebook Camera Apps. The first app that comes up is called Pixlromatic (and it will probably come as a surprise how appropriate its name is). This camera allows users to take pictures with filters like ‘vintage’, ‘happy/sad, and much more!

  • Pixlromatic also allows for editing photos in various ways. You can adjust how the photo is cropped, change how bright or dark it is, add stickers to it (like smiley faces), colorize black and white images, and much more.
  • Pixlromatic also has a timer function that allows you to take selfies or group photos without any trouble! You can choose how long the app waits before taking the picture, but it usually defaults to ten seconds. That should give you and your friends enough time for everyone (or yourself) to get ready and look how you want to be represented in the photo.
  • You can also take photos of how your screen looks by using Pixlromatic! The app allows for a ‘screenshot’ feature that takes a picture of whatever is on the screen at any given moment and saves it as an image file. This might seem like something out of science fiction, but it’s actually pretty simple to do.
  • If you want to take a screenshot on your Chromebook using Pixlromatic, open the app and click ‘take the photo’. You will then be prompted with how long of an interval you would like for this picture (ten seconds is usually ideal) and what orientation you want (landscape or portrait).
  • Once you have those settings how you like them, take a picture by pressing the shutter button. The photo will be saved as an image file and it should appear in your downloads folder with whatever name Pixlromatic gave it. If not, check back to see if there is a notification that pops up letting you know how to find the photo.
  • From there, you can email it to yourself or upload it wherever your Chromebook’s file manager lets you! An in-depth guide on how to edit and upload files can be found here: How To Upload Files On a Chromebook.

Use of external webcam on Chromebook

If you have an external webcam, try connecting it to your Chromebook. You can then use the camera in either Photo Booth or Video Booth mode. There is no specific setting that needs to be enabled for this; how-to guides are not necessary when using an external webcam on a Chromebook! If there’s still trouble after following these steps, be sure to check out how-to guides online.

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Steps to how to take a picture on a Chromebook:

  1. Connect an external webcam in the USB port
  2. Open Photo Booth/Video Booth application from Chrome Web Store.
  3. Use your camera instead of taking photos using the Chromebook keyboard! It’s that simple! Happy snapping pictures!!

Take Photos on Tablet Mode

If you are using the Chromebook in tablet mode, how to take a picture on Chromebook can be done by pressing the power button and volume up key. This will open your camera app where you simply click “Take Photo,” or press down on the screen for two seconds while viewing a live view of yourself. You’ll know that it worked when you see a notification that says “Photo Saved!” on the screen.

How do I find my photos?

You can view your pictures on the file system under [your hard drive]/Pictures. From here, they will be sorted into folders by month and year. You can also access them from the Files folder that is available in Desktop mode or Android apps such as Google Photos. In this app, you can view, edit and share the pictures that have been taken on your Chromebook.

It’s also possible to see all photos from a mobile phone or tablet while signing in with the same Google account by going to [photos]/Albums up at the Photos website. You’ll be able to synchronize images between devices so they are available to you even if the Chromebook isn’t.

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