How to Screen Record On Chromebook in 2022 | 16 Easy Steps to Record

If you are facing problem in screen recording on chromebook and you do not know how to screen record on chromebook then you will get complete guide in this article. Chromebooks run on Chrome OS, and Google does not give its own screen recording extensions. Additionally, Chromebooks can not install traditional screen recording applications. But no need to worry about it. There are millions of Screen recording apps available. The most productive and frequently used app is Screencastify.  The need for a free screen recorder is becoming more important because nowadays we are working from home and if a problem arises during work we simply record it and send it to our fellows and seniors for the solution. With the new trend of online teaching, free online screen records are used to record your Chromebook screen. In short, screen recording is becoming essential and common for working as well as for studying.

In this world of technology, it’s impossible that someone does not use Screen recorders. Installing of screen recorder is easy. The problem arises when you start recording on it. It is not easy for a common person to record the screen of his Chromebook Without learning its procedure. Here we have tried to explain how to screenshot on Chromebook additional how you can screen record a Chromebook. By reading this post, you will learn how to record screens. And this will definitely help you out.

Main steps for How To Screen Record On Chromebook

There are few easy steps to do screen recording with an online screen recorder:

You may face little variations because of different extensions. Screencastify is the best because it gives screen recording without watermarks.

 Step 1: 
  • Download Click on the option add to Chrome.


 Step 2: 

  • After clicking add to Chrome, another screen appears, and on this screen, you click on “add extension” on the nimbus screen recorder.

nimbus screen recorder.

 Step 3: 

  • After this step, you have to click on the Screencastify in the top right corner of Chrome.

 Step 4: 

  • After clicking on Screencastify, another screen appears. On this screen, you have to Sign in with your Google account. So simply sign in by entering your email and password.

 Step 5: 

  • After signing in, you have done the first step. The 2nd step is to click on the text that appears on another screen.

 Step 6: 

  • After doing this, you will enter step 3. In this step, you have to click the “allow” option. By doing this, you give permission to the app to see your data/screen.

 Step 7: 

  • After doing the above steps, you have to click on the Screencastify option on the top right corner of Chrome.

 Step 8: 

  • After tapping on the Screencastify, click on the “record” button.

 Step 9: 

  • After performing the above steps, a new window appears and asks you to record which screen. You simply click on the “screen” to record your entire screen.

 Step 10 

  • After recording, you have to click on the option “share.”

 Step 11 

  • After you have done the above-mentioned step, now you have to tap on the “pause” option from the recording controls. You can easily see recording controls at the bottom of the screen.

 Step 12 

  • After tapping the pause button, click on the “stop” option.

 Step 13 

  • After clicking on the stop option, a new tab pops up. There are many options for video editing. In this tab, you have to tap on the “untitled” name.

 Step 14 

  • After clicking on the untitled, you have to write the name of your recording in the “new” option. For naming, choose an appropriate name relevant to your recording.

 Step 15 

  • If you mistakenly record something you do not want to record—no need to worry about it. There are options for editing on the right of the video timeline. If you want to trim the video, you can do it by clicking on the “scissors” option. Moreover, if you want to do more editing stuff, you can open your recording in the editor by tapping on the “open in editor” option. This free screen recorder helps you to do this stuff also.

 Step 16 

  • After naming your recording and desired to edit, close the tab. After this, Screencastify takes a few movements to give a finish to the recording. Additionally, your video will automatically save in Google drive.

Here you have done all the steps of recording. And your recording saves in Google Drive in the Folder of Screencastify. You can also convert the Screencastify folder into a subfolder to avoid the mess in your drive.

Screen recording with Screencast-O-Matic:

 Step 1: 

  • First of all, you have to download the Screencast-O-Matic online screen recorder.

 Step 2: 

  • After doing the above step, you have to launch the app. From this free online screen recorder, you can record general video from your webcam and also do screen recording.

 Step 2: 

  • After launching, a screen appears where you have to select whether you want to record the full screen or the fragment of it.

 Step 3: 

  • After selecting the screen size, tap on the create button to start recording. From the recording controls panels.

 Step 4: 

  • When you are done with your recording, tap on the “Done” button. If you want to trim your video from the start and you can easily do it by dragging the time bar.

 Step 5: 

  • Moreover, if you want to add some music to your recording, you can add it by clicking on the musical note option.

 Step 6: 

  • When you have done editing, tap on the timestamp located at the end of the video. After clicking on it, you get many options to save the video on your device, publish on youtube, and direct share with. You choose your desired option. And that’s all. If you publish it on Youtube, you can easily download it.

Tips for How To Screen Record On Chromebook With A Free Screen Recorder:

  • Try to make a screen recording video with a screen recorder screen extension in the range of 5 to 6 mins. Long videos cause the viewer to lose interest in it. Additionally, maybe he can not get the main point of making this recording. Try to record the main concern which you want to share.
  • In the recording, if you find other important stuff to do first. You can simply pause it. This pause of the video is better than recording an awkward video. Start your recording when you think you are completely free, and you will not pause the recording and do it at once.


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