Google Pixelbook Go 2022: Best Google Chromebook [Review]

The Google Pixelbook Go 2022 is the first device that is supposed to be in equal consideration with high processing windows and Mac devices. In addition to its stunning design and snappy software, it is an updated version of Chromebook. This Google Chromebook can run both Chrome OS and android software. This Google pixelbook also offers snappy speed and bright, vivid colors. This pixelbook also offers long-lasting battery life.

Here we have collected a detailed Google Pixelbook Go review 2022, which will surely help you to get detailed information about this best Chromebook.


This pixelbook has the ratio aspect of 3:2. This wide ratio makes it unique and classy. This Google Chromebook has schemed with an Aluminum body. This Aluminum body makes it more attractive. Additionally, its aluminum wrist rest is a plus point of this device.

This Chromebook laptop is very light in weight; it means you do not even feel that you are carrying a gadget with you. It has very lightweight at 2.5 pounds only. The pixelbook has a jack for headphones on the left side. And the USB Type-C ports on the right sides. This pixelbook has a glass trackpad that can detect single and multi-touch gestures. Due to its lightweight, it is the best Chromebook for artists who can carry it with them everywhere.

google pixelbook go Design

Drop Test

This Pixelbook Go is durable. Additionally, it is not rugged but this is the best-rated Chromebook you will buy. To give you an honest review about its drop test, we dropped it from the height of 4.5 first and then from 2.5 feet onto the concrete floor and then on the carpet. The damage was negligible as compared to Chromebooks we dropped from the same height. It means Google pixelbook is more durable than other Chromebooks. Choosing it is the Best Choice over Chromebooks.

Google Pixelbook Drop Test


We compared pixelbook with Chromebooks and laptops. But the Google pixelbook go shows excellent results with solid touch recognition and bright, vivid colors. Most people believe that a 1080p display is an excellent display, but no, it is totally wrong. Quad-HD colorful and bright colors prove that you must deserve the best. It has a 2400*1600 pixel panel with Black Panther, which makes the screen more bright and colorful.

With 235-PPI resolution, you can see a crystal clear screen while typing on Google Docs or word. Additionally, it also offers you a 4K resolution for videos so you can enjoy watching movies or seasons. You can enjoy a clear screen with bright colors while doing your office task without getting bored.

To enhance the display quality, this pixelbook produces 117 percent of the sRGB spectrum. These spectrums are of greater frequency than Chromebooks and laptops as well. For the brightness of the screen, Google pixelbook go m3 uses more nits than a Chromebook. This device uses 421 nits and offers mind-blowing results.

google pixelbook go Display

Google Assistance-Powered Pen

This Chrome book can also work with the Google assistance-powered pen. This Pen works with AAAA that are not available in the local stores. You can easily get access to these batteries from online stores. You can get this Pen for your Google Pixelbook 2 from the market by spending money other than the Pixelbook price.

These pens are very productive. If you are not a typing person, with the help of this Pen, you just have to draw a circle around the object. After circling the object, you can get detailed information about that object. So this Pen can save your time by coping with typing.

You can also copy something by holding the button down and paste it on Google search. This Pen shows snappy performance while copying and pasting in google assistance but shows a bit of lag while drawing and on writing apps. It is compatible with Apple pencils.

Google Assistance-Powered Pen


This Chromebook has longer battery life than many other Chromebooks and laptops. We have performed experiments to compare the battery life of laptops, iPad, Lenovo Yoga, Samsung, and Asus Chromebook Flip with the Google pixelbook go. And undoubtedly, Pixelbook shows a longer battery life than the above-mentioned devices.

Google schemed this Pixelbook with a long and efficient Battery. By charging it only for 15 minutes, you can consecutively use it for 2 hours. We did 15 mins of charging and used it to browse and watch videos, and its Battery literally lasts for 1 hour and 45 mins.

This Chromebook has an average battery life of 10 hours. In these hours, you can use it without any hurdle. You do not face slow processing and charge your device option.

Google Pixelbook go Battery


This google pixel book is equipped with a backlit keypad. This backlit keypad or touchpad helps in comfy typing for many hours. It will help you to type 76 words per min with the average writing speed. If you have a fast typing speed, you can type more words in very little time. Its keys work with a very gentle touch. By applying 68 grams of actuation force, you can press a key for typing.

Additionally, keys can type with 60 grams of force also. Google pixelbook has a productive keypad with keys that are only 0.9milimeters apart from each other, which gives you the most comfortable typing. Furthermore, this pixelbook is more effective than an iPad Pros’ smart keyboard, which produces louder sound while typing.

Google Pixelbook TouchPad


This laptop can run all the Android apps and games with 1080p video quality. Beyond the expectations, this pixelbook has a mind-blowing performance with efficient Intel CPUs. And this device is enough for basic tasking, photos, and video editing as well.

It has 8GB RAM that is more than enough for various multi-tasking. With this RAM, you can easily process many numbers Chrome browser tabs without reloading issues caused by memory shortage. In comparison with ordinary Chrome books and laptops, this is best chromebook for gaming 2022 that has vast storage to perform work efficiently and steadily. With this RAM, you can easily do every type of job work. So this is designed not for a specific person. It is suitable for all.

Google Pixelbook Go Performance


Like every other productive feature with outstanding results, this Chromebook has a premium webcam. This webcam is 0.9 megapixel. It can give you a good selfie in the daylight, and the fine result is the room light as well. It means you can stay connected with your friends and family through video calling.

Google Pixelbook Go Performance


This Chromebook has loud audio speakers with a fine base and echo. It also gives you crips effects in shrill music. Its audio speakers are enough to fill the large conference room. While listening in a large area, it does not give you fine effects than the small area of a room.

While listening to music or watching movies, or playing games, you do not need to put on any external accessories like headphones to enjoy the crips of the audio through this splendid piece of technology.

Google Pixelbook Adio


Luckily, this Chromebook laptop has wedge mode that allows you to turn its screen. Through this mode, you can elevate the screen to bring its screen close to your eyes, and with its raised keys has proven comfortable. Additionally, this device has many ports. It has two ports for USB-C. These ports allow fast charging from its fast charger.

Within 2 hours, this fast charger fills up the Battery, and this Battery lasts up to 10 hours. This Pixelbook charges faster than others.

Google Pixelbook go Ports


Like laptops and Other Chromebooks, this Google pixelbook Go 2022 has no issue of heating up while working. You can use it for several hours, and it remains cool. After several hours of usage, we notice with the heat gun that this pixelbook shows heat only at one point. Heat Gun captures heat on its keyboard, which is only 84 degrees Fahrenheit. Sometimes it reaches a limit of 95 degrees Fahrenheit but never exceeds this optimum limit.

On edge, its main hinge point, we get the reading of 101 degrees Fahrenheit, which is bearable and does not affect your work.


Operating System (OS)

This Google pixelbook go 2022 is updated with Chrome OS, which allows you to use all the web apps additionally all those apps which are specifically for Chrome. Due to this OS, you can save a webpage, and when you open it, it opens like a window in your Pixelbook and does not open like a tab again. You also have a choice to split your screen in any way, like if you want to use it as a laptop, you can use it, or you want an iPad screen, you can definitely do this also. You also have the option to save your files directly in Google drive in the file system without creating a mess in your drive.

Besides, the OS is very secure. It keeps your data secure and updates itself every six weeks. You can do it with the keypad or simply by touching your screen.

Google chromebook OS


In short, Google Pixelbook go 2022 is a very beneficial device with its productive and latest features of Vast storage, comfy touchpad, latest processor, thin and light design, bright display, and splendid hardware. You must give it a try.

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