Chromebook Vs Laptop : Which Is Better in 2022 [Update Guide]

Chromebooks are like a laptop but in two in one option and Chrome operating system With low price range Chromebook become the trendy nowadays in mostly in schools or for children in the home. It’s good for basic use Because of its low features like storage capacity and not enough efficiency than the laptop computer. When you talk about Chromebooks it will be very handy and compatible in design. Go anywhere and use it in any situation or place whatever you want. whereas in the Chromebook vs laptop comparison the laptop is mostly not compatible and used like this. Because of its sturdy structures.

What Is The Chromebook VS Laptop?

Chromebook sometimes is a better option than the windows and macOS systems. Selecting one best from Chromebooks vs laptop difference is difficult. Chromebook is just like a notebook For personal use along with compact and user-friendly features. The Chromebook & laptop selection mostly for basic use and Chromebooks for school and for children is a better option than the laptop.

So, here I am pointing out the main difference between Chromebook and laptop according to our highly researched top features which make it easy to get the best chromebook under $500 according to your needs.

Chromebook Vs Laptop 2022

The main differences between Chromebook and laptop computers are
  • Storage Capacity And Performance
  • Durable And Touchable
  • Operating System
  • Security Features
  • Price Range
  • Apps

 Storage Capacity And Performance 

If you are looking for high storage space then go for the laptop because Chromebooks do not provide high storage capacity and are not able to do high software download and installation efficiency. But Chromebook will offer you the extra 100 GB Google Drive free through a google chrome account you can save data files automatically and it will help to take a backup of your file to prevent any data loss situation.

Furthermore,  Chromebook offers approx 2-4 GB RAM and 32-64GB eMMC ROM ( internal storage) it’s not sufficient sometimes when you want to run gaming and other software and apps. Whereas,  the laptops come with 128,256,512 GB drives which are enough for all users without any low storage space issue. It will perform excellently with high storage capacity and a powerful processor.

 Operating System 

The main difference between Chromebook and laptop is the operating system that makes it effective. Chromebooks run with a chrome operating system that is developed by Google and provides instant use on apps,  google docs files,  google sheets, and automatic updating functions like an android and notebook device.

On the other hand, the Windows operating system is a high-level system more flexible and efficient in multitasking. The Mac operating system is also a better choice than ChromeOS.

 Durable And Touchable 

Chromebooks vs laptops vs tablets are not easy to define because all have touchable and compact devices. But Chromebooks are not sure to go durable like laptops.  Because of their structure, they are light in use and compatible in design to use handy devices like a notebook. With convertible options, you can carry with you to the office,  college, school, and anywhere you want.  Whereas the laptop structure is solid, strong and durable, and not compatible like Chromebooks. They may go along with you if all the system works well. It’s about 10-15 years going with you with good care.

 Chromebook & laptops Processors 

The ChromeOS is so light to use and mostly for basic use not to run a high-loaded task. That’s why it starts and boots faster than the Windows operating system. Chromebook runs smoothly and efficiently but cuts off the best other functionality. whereas.  Windows and macOS run with advanced and high processors for the best Chromebook for students 2022 but sometimes it will take time to start or boot up your system.

Chromebooks run with Pentium processors from Celeron. If you want to get a Chromebook with core i3 or core i5 and core i7 it will be costly. But it will work great and efficiently. Also, a Cheap processor may slow down your system. On the other hand windows, laptops with core i3 may work slow but the corei5 processor would be better than others.

 Security Features 

The security features work great with the chrome operating system and run sandbox automatically which will be helpful to find the virus and kill them. Moreover, chrome OS controls all important updates and runs them ASAP.  As well as that the chrome OS cant boot any virus and malware-infected system. It will check all files and data and remove any damaged files or data immediately. In Chrome OS you also find a factory data reset option that will clear all data from Your device which will help to remove all infected files from viruses and malware attacks.

While it will be difficult to keep windows and mac operating systems and continuously running safely. So,  the Chromebook and laptop computer differences make your selection easy.

 Google play store & Apps 

If you are using a Chromebook you definitely know about the varieties and availability of apps. In Chrome Os you enable to download and install many more apps according to your desire through the google play store. In multitasking, the web portal and chrome apps do not work well and are more functional than the regular laptop system. You will get messy and inconsistent work.

However, the VLC player AC3 sound is not supported by the android app and has some other functionality than the laptop version. The Linux chrome operating system also does not run a sound system. That’s why best rated Chromebook are better at a cheap price than high price laptops. Because Chromebooks run quickly,  open apps,  load web pages, and also shut down faster than laptops.

 Price Range 

According to the price, the Chromebook is low in price because of its low storage space, not durable, and not the highly powerful processor. On the other hand, the windows laptop is high in price, durable, and efficient in all phases of the task with high-quality features.


So. In this Chromebook vs laptop Reddit guide, you will be able to find one comparing its differences. A Chromebook may be converted into the windows laptop task and for a smooth transaction. Hp Chromebook X2 is the best Chromebook 2022 with chrome os that can work on all and use simpler affordable and compact qualities. But the windows, mac, and other Linux-based operating system laptops are made highly featured, high in price, and more efficient when it works offline. Now, it’s up to you which you like most according to your choice. Go for it and have fun.

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