Chromebook Hacks for Students in 2022: Chromebook Secret Codes [Updated]

The Chromebook is one of the most popular laptops on the market today. Chromebooks are not only affordable, but they also provide a lot of functionality for those who need them. Chromebooks have been around for nearly a decade now and there are still plenty of hacks to discover to help make your Chromebook experience better! In this blog post, we will go over some easy Chromebook hacks that will help you work smarter and be more productive in 2022.

Chromebook Hacks and Tricks

Chromebooks are getting more and more popular in the education industry. Chromebook tips & tricks can help you get to know your Chromebook better, making it easier for students to learn Chromebook tricks that will let them finish their work quickly and enjoy themselves when they’re not doing homework or studying for exams.

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 Chromebook Hacks for Students 

Chromebook is extremely popular and can be found in schools around the world, but they’re also very versatile machines that have a lot of potential outside of school.

  • Use your Chromebook with an external monitor to increase productivity
  • Learn more about Chromebooks by installing Ubuntu on it
  • Create Chromebook shortcuts for Chromebook commands
  • Chromebook trick to streamline your workflow
  • Chromebook keyboard shortcut tips and tricks
  • Chromebook trick to increase your productivity
  • Chromebook hacking with Kali Linux and other Chromebook tricks

 Chromebook Secret Codes 

Below is a list of Chromebook secret codes to use while debugging, testing, and troubleshooting. These are not regularly updated Chromebook secrets codes but can be used for Chromebook secret code purposes only:

  1. CTRL+ALT+=> (forward arrow key) —> move by character instead of page down
  2. CTRL+SHIFT+= (equal sign) —> move backward one screen
  3. CTRL+SHIFT+=> (forward arrow key)—> go to the beginning of Chromebook line
  4. CTRL+SHIFT+BREAK—> open a chrome Omnibox for running JavaScript,

Including Bookmarklets and Extensions.

  1. ALT++ (increase displayed number by one)
  2. ALT+– (decrease the displayed number by one)
  3. CTRL++ (increase Chromebook font size) —> increase Chromebook font size.

This will only work on pages that support zooming via the zoomable user interface setting.

 Chromebook Tips 

Chromebooks are great for internet browsing, watching videos, and listening to music. Chromebook tips can take them beyond the ordinary laptop experience by making your Chromebook do things it was not originally designed to do.

  • Unlock Chromebook using Android lock screen pattern.
  • Turn on Guest Mode easily.
  • Make Chromebook read text aloud via ChromeVox extension.
  • Take a Chromebook screenshot with one button.
  • Add keyboard for Chromebook command shortcuts.
  • Get Google Drive on Chromebook offline mode.
  • Download any file from Chromebook browser to Android phone.

Chromebook tips can take your laptop beyond the ordinary. A few of them are listed above, but there are many more that you will discover when you start using Chromebook tips.

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 Chromebook shortcuts 

Chromebook keyboards have a host of special function keys. For example, the first row of keys on your Chromebook’s keyboard are all dedicated to functions like scrolling up and down or refreshing a web page. These commands can be combined with other buttons for some pretty powerful Chromebook shortcuts you should know about! Here is a complete list of Chromebook key combinations:

  • Command + = Switch from standard Chrome OS user interface into browser full-screen mode.
  • Command + H = Hide window.
  • Command+Shift+Q= Exit out of any application in full-screen mode.
  • Control + Alt + Refresh Screen = Toggle between presentation and normal viewing modes.
  • Control+Alt+Search = Open Chromebook search screen.
  • Control+Alt+D = Take a screenshot of the entire display.
  • Control + Alt + Down Arrow Key = Capture individual application windows and place them on your desktop as .png files.
  • Command + M= Minimize current window.

Command-Spacebar: View available keyboard shortcuts. This is especially helpful if you can’t remember all these Chromebook key combinations! [*][Ctrl]+[Shift]+T: Reopens the most recently closed tab within the same window.

 Android apps on your Chromebook 

Chromebooks are amazing devices, but one of their biggest limitations is the lack of internal storage. Chromebooks will only start to support Android apps in 2018 or 2019 (depending on which Chromebook you have), and that means they won’t be able to run some apps like iTunes. Luckily Chrome has a built-in method for running your favorite Android applications on Chromebooks.

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Chromebooks are great devices for Chromebook hacks and tricks. With a little ingenuity, you can get so much done with this inexpensive device.

An easy trick to make Chromebook even more powerful is by installing Android applications onto it. You just need to allow the installation of unknown sources within the settings menu of Chrome OS, download the Android app onto Chromebook, and run it.

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