Asus Chromebook Flip C434: Updated Review Of 2 in 1 Chromebook in 2022

Asus Chromebook flip c434 is the latest product in the Asus brand with convertible features. It has longer battery life and snappy performance with respect to its previous models. It has innovative improvements in its processors also.  Furthermore, it also has a 14-inches wide panel and a sleek design with bright and vivid colors.

Additionally, Asus Chromebook flip weight is very light. It was launched and released in March 2019. It is impossible to explain how important it is due to its backlit keyboard and price range. It does compatible work as a laptop and due to its performance and reliability, this Chromebook is one of the best rated Chromebook in the market. So you do not need to buy expensive laptops. Buy Asus Chromebook c434 and start working with snappy and accurate output.

Asus Chromebook c434 Case and Design

The Asus Chromebook flip is made with a stylish and reliable design. It has bezels that are around the display. These bezels help to create the best vision. Moreover, this Asus flip c434 Chromebook has a wide display of 14 inches that is surely the best feature in the Asus models.

This unique piece has a matte silver aluminum sleek finish. This mate touch makes this Chromebook classy and unique. After seeing this Chromebook, you could not resist buying it.

This Asus Chromebook case is not only well classy from the outside, but it is more attractive from the inside due to its touchpad, silver keyboard, high volume, power buttons, the lining of the deck, and hinges. All these features make it different from a typical Macbook’s look. Its unique design ultimately makes its look aesthetic.

It also has the feature of a 360-degree hinge. So you can easily adjust it according to your desire. If you want to play games or watch movies use it as a tablet, and if you want to do your assignments or office work, make it a laptop and start doing work without any disturbance.

Case and design of Asus chromebook


For sure, Asus Chromebook flips C434 best buy choice within favorable range and best features. It shows more luminous than any other Chromebook. It gives optimum 286 nits, and an ordinary Chromebook gives 235 nits. So in case you are in search of Chromebooks for your artwork and watching movies, you should buy them without wasting your precious time and money because this is the best Chromebook for artists.

Furthermore, this machine has narrow and slim bezels to give an eye-capturing display. Moreover, it is equipped with a 1080P touch screen and this is the best Chromebook with touchscreen. In short, it is groundbreaking due to its vivid and bright colors. Moreover, its panel is reflective and glossy. Ultimately you cannot use it outside on a sunny day. To give you an honest Chromebook flip C434 review, we use a calorimeter to detect the color converge. And surprisingly, this 14 inches display covers 93% of sRGB color grunts. And in contrast to other Chromebooks, its display is best and wide.

Display of flip C434


This Chromebook flip C434ta has a 4.1*2.4 inches touchpad, which gives a snappy and quick output. It has a backlit-keyboard whose keys are 1.3 millimeters apart. Additionally, it offers a solid typing experience. It works with a very light force of 71 grams, so you can type easily without wasting your force, and you can type for several hours without getting tired. With this feature, you can type more than 115 words in one minute with an accuracy rate of 94%. We also did a typing test, and this Asus Chromebook shows excellent performance. Incas, you have tasks of typing. You must give it a try. It would not disappoint you.

Keyboard Asus Flip C434

Drop Test

This Asus Chromebook is a bit durable in nature. For a test, we drop 11 best-known Chromebooks from a height of 2.5 feet and 4.5 to the concert and carpet. But unexpectedly, this Chromebook got damaged. The more damaged part was its aluminum chassis. Additionally, its touchpad and screen also got cracked during this drop test.

So it may be considered as a weak point for this mind-blowing device. So you should be very careful when you are carrying it. And also especially when you are going to hand it to the children. Because children are careless so they may not take proper care of it, also keep it in a safe place where there is no chance of dropping it.

Drop Test chromebook


Asus Chromebook is equipped with all essential ports, which are considered as the main sources for data transfer and charging. It contains USB 3.1 Type-A port, a USB C port, a jack for headphones or mic, and a slot for a microSD card on both sides. Additionally, there is not only a single jack for headphones on one side, either it has a jack on both sides. Moreover, you can connect its fast charger for charging from both sides because the USB-C port is equipped on both sides of the Chromebook.

Chromebook Ports

Asus Chromebook Flip C434 i5 volume

This Asus Chromebook is updated with high volume. Its powerful speakers on the bottom are enough to fill the space of large rooms and halls. You can record your audio with it. You do not need to attach a mic with it while recording because its powerful speakers can detect the audio of very average frequency if you want to record your voice, so it is the best choice because it is very best for tapping vocals.

This Chromebook is very best for you if you are fond of listening to songs because it gives you efficient and clear voices of all the instruments that are used to produce that music. And additionally, you do not need to attach hands-free or headphones to enjoy the music.

Chromebook Flip Volume


Asus Flip C434  is updated with a snappy and efficient Intel Core m3-8100Y processor. This processor is very steady to perform various tasks at the same time without or negligible lag. For the sake of honest review, we loaded 18 Google Chrome tabs at the same moment and also watched HD videos back to back, and surprisingly this device showed excellent and steady performance.

Chromebook Processor


This Chromebook has an average battery life of 9 hours and 58 minutes approximately. With this mediocre battery life, you have to charge it twice a day if you want to use it the whole day.

Chromebook Battery


This Chromebook has a RAM of 4GB for basic multitasking. This spacious RAM is also the reason behind its speedy performance. It is also equipped with 64 GB built-in storage and also offers a microSD card for additional storage. So its storage is enough to accommodate your important files and data.

ASUS Chromebook Storage


Asus Chromebook Flip C434 has a 720p HD webcam. This webcam gives mediocre results and fine graphics. Ultimately you can use it for video calling and recording videos as well. You can also use it as a student Chromebook for attending your online classes.

webcam Asus flip


We also did a heat test on Asus Chromebook C434 but it passed it. During the test, we play full-screen video for 15 mins and 15 to 16 Chrome tabs, but this device remains cool. The temperature remains within the range of 80 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

Asus chromebook heating


Indeed it is the best Chromebook 2022 with the latest features in the affording budget. This Chromebook also gives you access to Google Docs and Microsoft Office. so this machine is suitable for office workers and business staff you can also use all the Google and Android apps on it. In short, it is a productive machine with all the productive features which should be in all Chromebooks. You should give it a try and believe me, it will not be a bad decision.

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